Free photo to art processing. Main parameters of AlterDraw photo filter.

About 100 000 000 photos are posted in Instagram every day. The average modern person is exposed to around 5000 ads per day. We live in the world of overflow of visual information. How can you make your visual message more bright, vivid and memorable? Photos convey only actual visual information, they are not able to express emotions, that’s why so many of them look alike and are easily forgotten.

To make your visual message more emotional, expressive and memorable you can convert your photo to art using free online photo filter AlterDraw allows you to apply deep artistic effects to your photos online by rendering them in the style of another image, using neural style transfer technology. To create digital art by AI, all you need to do is to upload your photo and select a predefined style from the collection. You may apply your custom style by uploading a reference image, the style of which you would like to reproduce, converting your photo to painting, photo to drawing, photo to cartoon, etc. If you would like to reproduce particular style details on the reference image, you should upload cropped reference image with these details.

Photo to art online processing with AlterDraw.

AlterDraw can work in batch mode. If you upload several photos or select several styles, you will get multiple photo processing results, where each photo is processed with each selected style.

After uploading a photo and selecting a style, you may just click the [Process photo] button to automatically convert your photo to art. However, the site allows to tune a variety of photo styling parameters to control the style transfer process. Let’s consider the main ones.

Color palette

Using colors of the style image allow you to reproduce the style deeper by transferring its colors. However, some details of the original photo may be lost if the style image contains few colors.

Photo styling in the colors of the style image on AlterDraw.

The color palette of the original photo creates photo stylizations in the colors of the original photo. Lets you better display the details of the original photo, but the rendering of the style is not so rich due to the preservation of the colors of the original photo.

Photo styling in the colors of the original photo on AlterDraw.

Brush size

It can be reduced:

Photo to art processing with small brush size on AlterDraw.

And increased:

Photo to art processing with medium brush size on AlterDraw.

Foreground preservation

Style transfer without keeping the foreground on AlterDraw.

You may apply style transfer with maximal preservation of the foreground:

Style transfer with maximal foreground preservation on AlterDraw.

In this case, the styled photo looks a bit unnatural due to the contrast between overly photo-realistic foreground and heavily styled background. Usually the best result is obtained by setting foreground preservation parameter to an intermediate value.


Hope the article was useful to you. I wish you creative success with photo processing!

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